God of War: Ascension Announced, More Details Soon

GoW: Ascension TitleSony has been teasing a game for about a week and a half with a single image and a banner. The image simply read, “Will Vengeance bring Redemption?” The Banner read “Nothing Will Bring them Back.” Both had 4.19.2012 listed as a reveal date. We anxiously waited and speculated about what these images could mean, most of us assuming it would be a new God of War title. Late last night we got the answer in the form of a new God of War title. If you have been listening to The Average Podcast, you’ll know that leaks of a new God of War game have been happening for a while (Sony is bad at keeping things from being leaked). We all speculated on what a new God of War could mean for the franchise; would it be a sequel? Would it be a prequel? Would it even feature Kratos at all? Well from the title, cover image, and teaser trailer that we have been given we may be able to assume it is a prequel. Check out the trailer here:


If you are a fan of the GoW series, there is no doubt that this has made you quite excited. Not only do we have this teaser but Game Director, Todd Pappy (what happened to Stig Asmussen?) mentioned on the Playstation Blog that even more info would be coming soon! If you tweet your questions to @Playstation by 3pm Pacific Time tomorrow (April 20, 2012) they will try to answer them in a live streaming event being held on April 30. The event will be streamed on  the Playstation.Blog and The Official God of War: Ascension Facebook page. Be sure to use #godofwarascension in your question, and if it gets read on the air Sony will send you a signed copy of a GoW: Ascension poster!

So this is exciting news. However, it is also scary news… Before Kratos was a slayer of gods what was he? A man servant? Who will he fight, other men? It’s hard to imagine a God of War title that isn’t ginormous in scope. Also, is it still going to be an action adventure game? Seeing as Kratos was a Spartan general before becoming Ares’ bitch, this game could be more like an RTS? Why isn’t Stig directing? Are they just keeping with the tradition of having a new director for each game? Tweet your questions because the more answers we get the better!

What do you think? What do you want to know about the game?

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