Breaking It Down: Assassin’s Creed IV


So by now I’m sure you’ve heard of a little known franchise that goes by the name of Assassin’s Creed is getting yet another sequel.  Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag will be released October 29th, 2013 for current and next-gen systems.  That’s all good and dandy, but what’s new about it?  What makes this one different than the rest?  Well let me break it down for you.




The Assassin’s Creed series has always followed the ancestors of modern day’s Desmond Miles and Black Flag is no exception.  The big difference here is that instead of going forward in time, we are going back a little, before the American Revolution period that AC3 took place in.  You will be playing as Edward Kenway, grandfather of Conner from AC3, and badass pirate of AC4.  As for Desmond, his tale is finished.  There will be some sort of storyline within modern time, but instead, “you” will be accessing Desmond’s memories as an Abstergo employee.  Little is known at the moment about how this will tie to the overall story



Early 18th century.  The Caribbean.  This will be your new playground and it’s looking to be a very wet one.  Expanding on the naval missions of AC3, Black Flag aims to become the “first true naval open-world game” according to Ubisoft.  As usual, the Caribbean will be recreated in extreme detail allowing the player to sail and explore 50+ islands, multiple cities, and vast ocean.  Avoiding the fantastic fiction of Disney’s Pirates, Black Flag aims to bring players into a gritty realistic take on what a pirate’s life was like.



The team working on AC4 is looking into the past problems of previous Creed games and some systems are getting dropped entirely to make a better experience.  The notoriety system of yore is non-existent.  The promise of going about assassinations in whatever way you see fit is also being addressed.  Past games sometimes have very clear ways to go about certain missions but the team here wants you to be able to do what you want.  In naval battles, for example,  players can kill an opposing captain by cannon fire, jumping from the mast into an air assassination, or sneaking up the side of the boat by swimming around to the other side.



–  Multiplayer will return with many more modes to include more Pirate-centric gameplay i.e. naval combat.

– There will be no 5 hour intro like AC3.  Black Flag promises to start out with a bang and never let up.

– A spyglass item allows you to spot loot and booty from afar, which will play a big part in upgrading both Edward as well as his ship, Jackdaw.

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  1. TallicJ522JUN says
    07 March 13, 7:08am

    A problem I’ve had with AC is its inhability to hold my attention. Good games, decent/ interesting stories, but I always find myself losing interest quick and nearly skipping the cutscenes. Also, I always wished for a tougher, less button mashing approach to killing. Sort of metal gear runs, to where stealth is not necessary… But damn near. (I did not play AC 1 or 2 but I played all the others)


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